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If you want it done, better do it yourself

So about a week ago I finally got confirmation from my manager that HR had authorised the moving expenses claim I submitted, oh, on May 4th. Every day since I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the cheque that'll save our dire finances, but to no avail. So today I decided to phone up HR myself, to find out what in the world is going on.

The lady at HR kindly informed me that the form I'd filled in to apply to have my relocation expenses paid for, was in actual fact only a form to have a claim for removal expenses authorised. To actually get my money, I have to fill in yet another form and send it to payroll.

I should have guessed. British Bureaucracy Strikes Again. I swear, sometimes it feels like this country has a form to fill out for everything you could possibly do or think. Only in the UK can there be a form to fill out to authorise another form. Or has this "disease" spread further?

Anyways. Hopefully we'll have the £2000+ soonish, so we can start paying back money to our respective parents.

Also, this weekend we are off to London for the 3rd guild meet with our friends from WoW. Really looking forward to meeting the guys & girls again, it gives a whole new dimension to a game I'm mostly playing for the social aspect these days.
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