lyra24 (lyra24) wrote,

Office work

I'm spending the two weeks (well, more like a week and a Friday by now...) in MI, Medicines Information in the pharmacy department in one of the three hospitals in the trust I work for. Apparently they have to give me some MI time before they can put me on-call, and since I'm going on my first on-call in October, I guess they wanted it out of the way.

It's so not me. Sitting in front of a computer all day might sound fun... in theory, and when the computer in question is your own, filled with yummy anime or J-dorama (current obsession: HYD Live Action), but working in front of one is so boring I could cry.

I enjoy the hospital pharmacist bits where I am out and about *doing* stuff on wards... this sitting about reading about things is too slow for me. Maybe it would be different if I was here for a longer period of time and actually allowed to do anything, but at the moment all I do is a) work through a MI training book, b) pretend to look busy whilst surfing the web and c) look at the clock and hoping for go-home time.

Ah well. In 8 days I am going home for two weeks. Can't wait.
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