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Today is my last day at work before my 2-week holiday! And it's only a half-day to boot, so in about 4 hrs I'll be free ^^ I cannot remember the last time I had all of two weeks off in a row (apart from when I was unemployed, but then I was depressed as well, so I don't count that... paid holidays are so much more... ehm, enjoyable!).

Also, I haven't been home to visit since Christmas, and we only had a few days then, since I could only get about 4 days off from work, so I'm superexcited. :D We're spending a week in Stockholm (or rather less than that, actually, since my parents are taking us on a trip down south), and then a week with my grandparents up in the very north of Sweden. I haven't been in at least 3-4 years, have only seen my grandparents when they've been to Stockholm, and Andrew's never been to the north, so that's kind of exciting as well.

My usual hodge-podge packing style has been employed (ie find things I want to bring, and throw them in case any which way, resulting in either way too much being brought of one thing, and not enough of another), so I'm all set to go!

Oh, and in other news I've recently heard one of my favourite manga/animes/live actions is being made into a movie! I figured I've mentioned this everywhere else in the world, so why should LJ be the exception? :P Hana Yori Dango, summer 2008. I cannot wait! (yes, they keep telling me I'm 28, and I just cannot believe it :P)
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