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Tales from the Cry... ehm, Hospital

Went up to my ward yesterday (a Gastro/Medical ward, btw, with all the accompanying lovely smells that crop up every now and then...). No new patients, so anticipated a quiet hour or so going over prescription charts. What greeted me, however, was a "gentleman" in one of the siderooms shouting his head off at the nurses. Now, this man is not British, and his English is limited, however, this does not extend to his vocabulary of swearwords ^^

Mind you, he wasn't abusive at the nurses - the subject of his vitriol was his son, who he was going to "fucking stab", since he wasn't taking care of his kitty well enough. This led me to wonder - could the kitty in question be the one Mrs P., another inpatient, was trying to feed a biscuit with cheese the other day. The little bugger resisted her beckonings, by the way, in big part because... it was a figment of her imagination.

Anyways, back to Mr C., the angry little man with, it seems, a less than cordial relationship with his son (no wonder, really - I read his notes, and I cannot believe anyone would stay out of touch with their parent long enough for him to deteriorate to the point he was at before he was admitted. Not to go into their much detail, but there were maggots involved). Confusion is a lovely thing; once the nurses had got him through his morning bath, and got his pajamas changed, he was filled with love and benevolence, professing his undying devotion to everyone and everything.

Crisis thus averted, I went down to the dispensary to cover, only to find out that I was the only pharmacist present. It's good exercise being the only one - you are constantly running from one end of the pharmacy to the other.

Had to phone a doctor about a prescription (it might surprise you to learn that they are not, alas, perfect, though some of them would like to think they are). Very often I feel like the gatekeeper, or the bad cop/parent, you know, the one that says "NO!" all the time. Anyways, this one tried to prescribe an antibiotic that is under restricted use at the hospital... you know, according to the guidelines drafted by microbiologists, pharmacists and some others to try and prevent the rise of resistance and inappropriate use of antibiotics. Some of them you have to consult a microbiologist to make sure it is suitable to the condition in question, before we at the pharmacy can dispense it. This was one of them. I spent a good 5-10 minutes on the phone with the doctor in question, trying to explain to him that we could not physically get it through our system until we had the name of the microbiologist with whom he had discussed the case, and that the combination of drugs he had prescribed was a bit... weird. He got quite irritated and talked at length about "what is the use of guidelines if I'm not allowed to prescribe what is in them, blablablabla" - conveniently missing the part that said "consult with microbiology". Finally I got him to promise he'd talk to microbiology and then get back to me.

10 minutes later, the phone rings again. "Hello, it's me again. Ehm... I'm coming down to pharmacy to amend that prescription. I was talking to microbiology...". I had some difficulty wiping the smug grin off my face before he got there :P In the end, though, it was resolved amicably - the doctor apologised for his previous behaviour, so all is well that ends well.
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