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Why do they bother specialising?

As part of my diploma course I have to do case presentations, ie choose interesting patient, follow their care and my input in same, and then present results. We've got a certain number of conditions to choose from, and since I'm on a elderly/gastro-ward, I thought it might be suitable for me to choose one of the gastro conditions (dyspepsia (incl. GORD), peptic ulcer disease, inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome).

What seemed like a logical decision has turned out to be a nightmare... I've got to have chosen a patient tomorrow latest, and on my ward There. Are. No. Patients. With. Any. Of. The. Conditions. I couldn't believe it! We had plenty of cancers of various kinds, some alcoholic liver diseases and one post-operative complications patient, but not a single peptic ulcer in sight! No worries, right? There are two other hospitals in the trust, and the biggest one just happens to have a ward dedicated to gastro patients. So I went there on my study leave today. They haven't got a single patient with any of the conditions either (there was a measly oesophagal ulcer, that's as close as it got). I don't know. It feels like the world is against me or something.

I think I'm going to have to rethink my strategy and go for something else... probably something cardiovascular - I'd like to see The World try and stop me from finding a patient suffering from either angina, heart failure or hypertension! Whether said patient will be interesting or not, though... *sigh*
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