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I saw some wool I liked for the cardi I plan on knitting for Andrew on the Woolfest we went to back in June, but didn't have enough cash to purchase it there and then. It is from a farm in Scotland, a woman selling yarn made from the fleece of her own sheep, undyed and unbleached. I hadn't got round to contacting her until this week, but on my enquiry she promptly posted off 18 balls of "black" Shetland wool (actually the yarn is dark brown, but I guess that is like the way our cat is a colour called "blue", when everyone can see he's gray).

She doesn't know me. I have never bought anything from her before. Still, she trusted me to send off a cheque on receipt of the parcel. I like it that there's still people like that in the world (and yes, I sent the cheque off today, same day I received the yarn).

And it's lovely yarn... it's a good thing I don't have the required needle size I need, or I would be tempted to abandon dad's scarf to cast on!
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