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Goodbye, ojiichan

My mother just phoned to tell me my paternal grandfather, min farfar, watashino ojiichan, has passed away.

Two nights ago my dad phoned me to tell me ojiichan had been admitted to hospital. From being completely independent and living on his own, he collapsed, was kept sedated, went into acute renal failure, oxygen mask to breathe, catheterised... you name it.

Yesterday dad phoned to tell me they were only giving him hours to live. He survived the night.

Today, 23.42 Japanese time, he left us.

My parents leave for Japan tomorrow.

I'm so glad we met him in January, when he was still the way he's always been ever since I was born, and that my last memory of him is a happy one. You know it'll happen, but you still don't know it.
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