lyra24 (lyra24) wrote,


...are strange beings.

How does one explain dreaming about the Director of Pharmacy (that is, my boss), being in my flat, sneaking behind my back to eat slices of the pies I'm making (why am I even making pies? I don't like pies!), and then submerging the rest of the pies under water.

And why am I trying to salvage these pies by taking them out of the water, and draining them? And how on Earth do they end up fine after that? (only to be chucked back in the water by that sneaky Director!)

Oh, and I also made pepperoni pizza in my dream. Only, when I turned my back for a millisecond, that Director was there again, and HE ATE ALL THE PEPPERONI!! Seriously. I cannot look at the man the same way again at work >.
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