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17.17 - Shut down PC, tidy desk for the day.
17.18 - Turn on bleep for on-call tonight.
17.19 - Bleep goes off. *sigh* Is it too much to ask for to at least get home and get some dinner? Now I'm stood here waiting for bloody transport coming to pick this stuff up and ferry it across to where it needs to go - I would try and go there myself, if I had a sense of direction. But I don't, and I don't fancy driving round and round with increasing desperation trying to find my way... so here I stand.

*Update* Taxi guy finally showed up... and I handed him the sealed bag to go to the Hospice.

He just looked at me and went: "So, what's the address?" Uhm... So I ask him to wait and I'll go check, go back into the pharmacy to get a phone and phone switchboard to ask them.

I get the directions, which apparently they had already told the taxi people when they phoned to book the car, and I go back out to tell the guy this. Except... he's gone. I go out to look for him, and there's not a taxi in sight, so he either a) suddenly had an epiphany on how to get there or b) took off to sell the goods on the black market.

If it was b) - could you let me know if you are offered some Slow-K* for what seems too cheap to be true? :P

*modified release preparation of potassium. Oh boy, will he be disappointed if he did try and flog it. :D
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