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I lifted a bag lying under a desk at work, and from under it scurried a spider. Being slightly (OK, quite) afraid of these kinds of disgusting critters, and being surprised to boot, I might have emitted a shriek.

Which caused one of my colleagues at the next desk to yell an expletive best not repeated in polite company, because she thought I'd spotted a rat - which she happens to be afraid of.

In the middle stands another colleague, looking bemused at our reactions, whilst the rest of the department piles in to see what was going on.

Ah well, at least the adrenaline rush woke me up - sorely needed after I was bleeped at 3.20am. I woke up, without my brain switched on, and wondered why the hell I was awake. Do I need the loo? Is it time to get up for work? What is that incessant beeping noise? ...oh.

@Ellmyruh: He told me he's going across to see you - hope you'll have fun! ^^ He's the scrawny, bald one. As my colleagues at work tend to say when I describe Andrew: "You make him sound so attractive!" Well. He is - but there's no denying he's also scrawny and bald! :P

To finish off - a little story my mum told me:

They were driving with my nieces and nephew in the car, when a bus cut in front of them, narrowly missing hitting them. Of course my mother was livid, but mindful of the children, I think she refrained from swearing too much, and only referred to what she would have liked to do to the bus driver as "showing him the finger". A couple of minutes of fuming "I should have showed him the finger!", Meja, my eldest niece at 5, pipes up from the backseat: "Don't worry, grandma, I showed him my foot!"

Well, that showed him!

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