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What we did this weekend...

First we went to London, where Andrew made new friends. However, he just had to say that one smartass comment, and [this is what happened then!

Rest of that day was spent buying stuff (possibly yarn, I deny everything), and listening to a talk (which I enjoyed immensely, I'm not sure what the bf thought - he managed to get the one chair that a) was a bit wobbly and b) was placed underneath the one hole in the ceiling, and it was raining outside to begin with).

Today I've mostly been watching DVDs whilst finishing this, however, it doesn't look very appealing like that, so I spent another hour blocking it out. And yes, those are two of my toes. I also made bread, but that makes for boring photo material.

Oh yeah! I also finished a pair of socks on the train down to London. The colourway makes me happy ^^
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