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I am not a tidy person

Today we got a letter from our letting agent telling us we need to clean our flat.

I find this condescending and very upsetting. I am not a tidy person. In our bedroom, you will find clothes on the floor (mostly his), or draped over the bottom of the bedframe (mostly mine). You'll find our bedside table (and probably bits of the floor beneath it) littered with books.

You'll find DVDs, yarn, needles, works-in-progress and other bits and bobs around our living room, and yes, most of our mail can probably be found around our PCs where we've opened it.

There's dust. There's a packet of Jaffa cakes on the kitchen counter rather than put away in a kitchen cupboard.

Yes, there are still boxes with stuff in them in the second bedroom, stuff we haven't got a place for, nor really use, so yeah, we should probably go through it and chuck stuff out. There is also a huge wardrobe in there, filled with clothes, bed linen, yarn, towels etc etc, and two large bookcases crammed with books. This room the letting agents call "filled with junk" - excuse me, what gives them the right to label our possessions as junk? There's no garbage in there, or broken things, or any of the other things that I would label as "junk".

We haven't damaged the floors in any way - we even bought a floor protector for the office chairs we use in front of the computers. We haven't made any new holes in the walls, or scratched the walls or damaged them in any other way. We don't leave garbage in the flat - when the kitchen bin is empty, we take it out to the bin shed. We always pay the rent on time and we aren't damaging the property.

What right have they to impose their idea of "acceptable tidiness" on us? It makes me feel like I'm a bum, who hasn't washed in about a year (I took a shower yesterday, actually), and who wears stinky unwashed clothes (I'm not very fashionable, perhaps, but my motto is "whole and clean"), and who doesn't wash my hands when I've been to the toilet (eewww, the mere thought of not doing that makes me sick).

I've sent an email to the letting agents telling them we don't want them carrying out any inspections without us present in the future. If they have something to say, they can say it to our faces. We'll see how well that goes down, I guess.
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