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I've got study time and am supposed to use it to prepare a case presentation of a patient with Acute Coronary Syndrome. So obviously I'm posting to LJ instead...

I'm not a complete slacker though - I've read most (and skimmed the rest) of the background reading material, started to do the presentation, and helped the module manager out in sorting access to the MCQs we all have to do (where did he get my mobile number though, where?! And how lucky is he that I even remembered where my mobile was in the first place... I think this was the first time in a long while I even made it to the phone before it was diverted to my answerphone service).

It's funny how attractive everything else suddenly seems when you have something you should be doing - the dishes got done without my usual dawdling, the washer is on, and I'm even considering *gasp* sorting some paperwork for the course!
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