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Bacon makes everything better

Had some pumpkin/haricot bean soup from the lovely New Covent Garden Food Co, thought it tasted a little bland, so added strips of bacon - instant success! ^^

Last time Andrew worked in the States I survived on a pitta bread/hommous diet (cooking for one is the most boring thing on the planet, I just can't be bothered - not to mention the one time I cooked for real this time, I ended up eating chilli for one week, 2 meals a day. It was some tasty chilli, but still - was pretty sick of it by the end of that!). This time I've subsisted on a bread/soup combo - well, at least it has given me incentive to try out quite a few of the different flavours made by NCG...

Have a bad cold again - my second in five weeks... not impressed, especially since I just stopped coughing from the last one! Been fine for 7 months, then I swapped to a new hospital - it seems the new bugs coupled with the fact that the A/C is on constantly in the dispensary (it's an old building - they had an ant problem, and if the place isn't kept cool/cold, they might come back...) has not done me any favours! Went to work yesterday, but only managed to do one ward before I admitted defeat and went back home.

Andrew said: "Well, you had a cold when I left, and you have one when I come back, it's almost like I wasn't gone at all."

Oh, and story from the tearoom: One of the techs, who takes care of her 3-year-old grandson a few days a week, had taken him on a shopping trip in town, and bought him a light sabre (saber?), which he was proudly swinging in the Jedi-style, accompanied by the sounds one expects. Anyways, they went to the bank (he opened the door by pushing the button with the saber), and as they are standing in line, he brandishes the sword and shouts at the top of his lungs: "I AM A SHITE IN KNIGHING ARMOUR!" One of the tellers reply: "We don't get many of them in here..." 

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