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My mother phoned me yesterday. Apparently my 9-year-old nephew is under investigation for suspected ADHD (that sentence makes it sound as if he's a criminal or something... not quite sure how else to put it in English though).

So she calls me and tells me this, and somehow she thinks I'll know everything about it and be able to tell her that it's alright and everything will be fine... except how could I? I don't know much about it, so I can definitely not tell her that everything is alright, and what I do know about the medications that are sometimes used is not exactly going to calm her, since a majority of them are controlled drugs - or, as they are called in Sweden - "narcotics". Yeah, that'll soothe her fears, alright.

*sigh* Sometimes it just sucks living in a different country from your family.

In cheerier news, my cousin is getting married, so Andrew & I will be doing another trip to Japan next year.
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Maybe "being tested" instead of "under investigation".

Not that you should ever really rely on me for English lessons. ;-)


May 31 2008, 13:22:37 UTC 9 years ago

I just find it hilarious that he's under investigation at all. I used to be an absolute horror as a child, and I *think* I managed to turn out alright without the need for daily sedation.

Mind you, when I say absolute horror, the context of my daily school life in primary school included one of the boys in my class taking a knife from the dinner hall into a classroom and trying to stab a teacher with it. Oh yeah, and the minister who preached to the school assemblies, the boys brigade, the boy scouts etc ended up in prison for molesting the aforementioned brigadiers and scouts - an arrest which saw the headmaster of the local secondary (high) school leave the country the next day with no forwarding address or notice of absence. My extremely cheeky and occasionally violent young self seems almost angelic by comparison.